Sharespace – What is a Coworking Space model and why do many people prefer it?


Coworking Space is a model that provides a shared workspace, built on two core factors: utility and community. Typically, Coworking Spaces offer fixed or flexible seating options for members or visitors, along with service amenities such as printing, office reception, and meeting rooms.

Coworking Space brings many benefits to workers, helping them escape the isolation of a traditional office or the noise of a café. With a comfortable workspace and exchange with other members, Coworking Space inspires creativity, stimulates innovation, and attracts those who require creativity, business, or investment but do not have the conditions to open a real office.

In addition, Coworking Space provides a social work environment, allowing members to work independently in a talented coworker community, sharing and supporting each other.

For these benefits, Coworking Space is becoming the choice of many people instead of traditional offices. Not only does it help workers escape the limits and constraints of a traditional office, Coworking Space also increases productivity, connects with the community, and creates conditions for business development. This is further reinforced by the development of technology and remote work, making the demand for a flexible and creative workspace increasingly high.

While traditional offices are often limited in space and flexibility, Coworking Space gives workers the freedom to customize their work environment.

In particular, the Coworking Space model helps save costs for newly established businesses or freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Instead of renting a large office and fully equipping it, they can use Coworking Space services at lower costs and save many other expenses such as electricity, water, sanitation, maintenance, or internet costs.

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In addition, the Coworking Space model has the following advantages:

• An open and spacious workspace that improves work morale and reduces stress.
• Convenient and fully equipped support services for work such as printing, meeting rooms, reception services, helping users save time and increase work productivity.
• A diverse work environment, interacting with many people and different professions, helping users expand their network and seek new cooperation opportunities or partners.

For these reasons, the Coworking Space model is becoming a new trend in the workforce and is expected to continue to develop in the future.

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