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Coworking is a shared workspace model, in which individuals or companies rent a workspace together with amenities such as meeting rooms, relaxation areas, office desks, and other office equipment. Coworking spaces are designed to create a collaborative and sharing work environment among members of the community.

Coworking spaces have become popular because they solve many problems for individuals and companies, including:

– Reducing costs: Renting a private office requires many expenses, while renting a workspace in a coworking space is much cheaper.

– Increasing flexibility: Coworking spaces provide employees and businesses with flexibility in choosing workspace and work time.

– Creating a community workspace environment: Coworking spaces provide a shared workspace environment for individuals and businesses, creating an interactive and supportive community.

The views of young people in Vietnam about coworking spaces tend to be positive because many young people are choosing this model for startups or work. Coworking spaces provide them with a professional workspace, motivation and creativity. In addition, coworking spaces are often designed with youthful, modern, and friendly styles, attracting the attention of young people.

In summary, Coworking space is a modern and flexible shared workspace model, helping to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and create a community workspace environment. Coworking spaces have become popular because they meet the needs of many individuals and companies, especially young people in Vietnam.

However, the decision to choose coworking space or not depends on the needs of each individual and company. If you need a professional, flexible, and interactive workspace with the community, then coworking space can be a good choice. But if you need a private, focused workspace or do not like working with others, then coworking space may not be suitable. With the rapid development of the digital economy and information technology, coworking spaces may continue to develop strongly in Vietnam in the future.

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