Flexible seat – 40 hours


Price 1.160.000đ / month
No. of hours available per month 40hrs
Payment per 3 months 1.102.000đ / month
Payment per 6 months 1.044.000đ / month
Payment per 9 months 986.000đ / month
Payment per 12 months 928.000đ / month
1. Standard room equipped with personal check-in cards
2. Air conditioner (8am – 10pm)
3. Usage of office equipment
4. Call center and phone answering service (general information)
5. Free 3-hours to use meeting room
6. Instant support from IT staff
7. Professional receptionist
8. Public guest space
9. Free Wifi
10. Discount 10% for every extra hour using meeting room
1. Consulting on Business License Registration
2. Consulting on Financial and Tax Report
3. Consulting on namecard and receipt printing service
4. Discounted meeting room price
5. 4 seated cars & 7 seated cars renting service
1. VAT is not included in price quotation
2. Office stationery payment by actual usage
3. Phone bill payment by actual amount on provider invoice
4. Business License Registration and Tax Registration fees are not included in price quotation
5. Demanded mail/packages forwarding service payment by actual usage
6. Out-of-working-hour air conditioning payment by actual usage
7. Deposit 3 months in advance and pay quarterly
8. 24/7 security
9. High speed internet

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